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Korean Stamp Catalogue 2010

One more special product from North Korea (Korea DPR)
The Korean Stamp catalogue 2010 is now issued with catalogue prices for all stamps from North Korea (Korea DPR) 1946-2010. Cancelled stamps as well as mint and much more . Even unissued stamps are listed in this stamp catalogue. All stamp pictures in full colour. Collectors and dealers enquires are welcomed. Mail us!



Offical information from the publisher.
The Korean Stamp Catalogue had newly been issued. The size of the current catalogue is 170 x 145 mm and comprises of 545 pages and it is described in Korean and English.
It is a comprehensive compilation of stamps including "Rose of Sharon" and "Samson Rocks", the first postage stamps of the DPRK issued on March l2 Juche35 (1946) after Korea’s liberation and postal collections including stampcards, postcards, entires, aerogrammes, letter cards, maxicards, stamp booklets, presentation packs, military letter cards and envelopes and first-day cancellations. It also contains new materials including the stamps issued during the Ri dynasty and philatelic glossary, a new feature from the old versions.
The stamps and postal collections represent the revolutionary life and immortal exploits performed by Kim Il Sung, founding father of socialist Korea and eternal President of the DPRK, the wise Songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il who is brilliantly inheriting and developing the revolutionary cause of Juche and the dynamic striving of the Korean people to build a great, prosperous and powerful nation. They also show the time—honoured history and culture, nature, geography, fauna, flora, sports and folk customs of the country and various events of international significance.
It is different from the previous editions in composition, contents and format and much more convenient to the readers.
We hope the readers have a good time collecting Korean stamps.

Korean Stamp Catalogue 2010


Specimen stamps from North Korea (Korea DPR)

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